4 ways to save money on holiday shopping

Most people say they overspend while holiday shopping. It's a struggle for most of us to stick to our shopping budgets. If you don't want to get hit with bills in January, MarketWatch editor Catey Hill shared some tips with Fox 5.

1. Use cash. You tend to spend less if you do.

2. Shop online. It is a money-saver. "There's research that shows if you shop online, you tend to spend less," Hill said.

3. Use the browser add-on PriceBlink.com. While you're shopping, it will tell you if an item is selling at a lower price somewhere else.

4. Delete your credit card information from shopping sites."Delete it because it makes it easy to spend," Hill said. "When you actually have to pull out your credit card and start typing information, it's a mental check. 'Wait, wait. I don't need all this stuff.'"

CreditCards.com's Ted Rossman said that consumer confidence is up and people are ready to spend. But be careful.

"Surveys show the average American is expected to spend about a thousand dollars this holiday season and that's really expensive if you end up putting it on a credit card and carrying a balance," Rossman said. "We found the average credit card interest rate is 17 percent. So that's going to be a $170 a year for every thousand that you borrow."