300 MPH street-legal car unveiled

Hennessey Special Vehicles has revealed what aims to be the first 300 mph street legal production car.

The Venom F5 was designed in house by the Texas-based company and features a carbon fiber body and mid-engine chassis, rear-wheel-drive and a twin-turbocharged 7.4-liter V8 rated at 1,600 hp and 1,300 lb-ft of torque. %INLINE%

Hennessey says the 2,950-pound car will be able to accelerate to 186 mph in under 10 seconds, and go from 0 mph to 249 mph and back to 0 mph in less than 30 seconds, which would smash the current record of just over 36 seconds.

“We’ve designed F5 to be timeless so that in 25 years it will still have a level of performance and design that will be unmatched,” said John Hennessey, company Founder and CEO. “The F5 is an all new car, designed and built from the ground up, from the engine to the chassis. We expect the Venom F5, named for the most powerful tornado speed winds on the Fujita scale, to be the first road car capable of achieving more than 300 mph.”


Hennessey’s last supercar, the Venom GT, hit a top speed of 270 mph with just 1,244 hp, but was hampered by poor aerodynamics. The Venom F5 has a much sleeker body, with flow through air channels and an adjustable rear spoiler that can be configured to maximize its maximum velocity.

The company plans to build 24 of the Venom F5s.