2nd Avenue Deli opens cocktail bar

In a nod to the original 2nd Avenue Deli, neon lights lead the way to the 2nd Floor—the name of the new cocktail bar, fittingly located on the 2nd floor of the 2nd Avenue Deli, actually located at 75th Street and 1st Avenue.

From the wood floors, old tin ceiling to the framed photos and Yiddish theatre posters, owners and brothers Jeremy and Josh Lebewohl clearly put a lot of thought into their new endeavor. Jeremy said they wanted the bar to feel like it has always been there, even though it is a new space.

2nd Floor bar is the perfect mix of old and new. And it's flipping the concept of Deli upside down. At the bar, drinks are $14 across the board and each one is certified kosher.

What makes these cocktails stand apart is how they incorporate those classic deli flavors, including celery soda and Manischewitz wine.

As for the food, don't expect your typical bar bites. The menu has 30 items. Lebewohl says it was all too good to remove. And while the selection is completely different from the menu downstairs, it was crucial the food honored the deli's rich tradition.

And while the 2nd Floor bar is a completely distinct space, Lebewohl hopes it pleases a new generation, just like 2nd Avenue Deli has done for decades.

And you can soon experience this fresh take on the classic deli flavors for yourself. The 2nd Floor will officially open Monday, November 27. Doors open at 5 p.m.