11-year-old entrepreneur finds success selling cookies

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It's a special delivery to the staff of Englewood Hospital in New Jersey from a very special young man. Cory Nieves is the CEO of Mr. Cory's Cookies. His products are sold in New Jersey stores and at pop-ups in big chains like Bloomingdale's and were even featured on national television. And did we mention he's only 11?

Chief operating officer of Mr. Cory's is Lisa Howard, also known as mom. She runs the business when Cory is at school. And she is the reason the business was born. Corey says he started the company because he wanted to buy his mom a car. That was back in 2009. Together he and Lisa tested recipe after recipe until they arrived at the cookie. She does the baking and the book keeping. But Mr. Cory is the real salesman. He says since 2009, they have sold tens of thousands of cookies.

As you might have noticed, Mr. Cory dresses a little more maturely than most other 6th graders. And that's part of the business plan, too. He has become quiet the fashionista and picked up some modeling gigs. He even strutted for fashion week.

As for the car he originally set out to buy for mom, it came about a year ago courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, one of the many who have been inspired by Cory's spirit and spunk.

Mr. Cory has big plans to move beyond cookies, although he is being a little tight-lipped about what those are. First off is finishing middle school and then eventually going off to college.