10 years after Superstorm Sandy, Long Island communities rebuild

The 10th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy striking our region is upon us and across Long Island, people are looking back at how the storm changed their lives. 

Sandy devastated parts of Long Island, especially Long Beach, which saw a storm surge so strong that the ocean met the bay on the other side of the island and ripped the community's iconic boardwalk into pieces.

The aftermath of the surge crippled the city, leaving businesses and homes with several feet of water inside. 

But ten years later, the story of Superstorm Sandy isn't just the damage, but the resiliency. 

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"Long Beach has come really far," said Sam Pinto, a Long Beach Firefighter. "We obviously have the dunes, new boardwalk, bay front revitalization."

That doesn't mean he's not taking some precautions, however.

"I personally still have an inflatable boat in my basement though, just in case," Pinto said.

With the help of funding from FEMA, many Long Beach residents were able to build back with NY Rising.

On Saturday, a clean-up event was held on the beach at New York Avenue, while a rally was held in the afternoon near the Allegria Hotel.