10-year-old weighs 423 pounds


"I wish he can go back to normal because it makes me sad," his mom Rokayah Somantri told Barcoft Media.

According to Somantri, Arya Permana was a healthy weight in the womb, and was born at just above eight pounds.

But, he started gaining weight rapidly when he was 8 years old, quickly picking up a diet of five meals a day, consisting of at least two plates of food at a time.

As a result, Arya is home bound, and spends his days reading comics and playing video games with his older brother, who is a normal weight.

He wraps himself in a blanket since he has outgrown all his clothes. Arya also needs help standing up, and finding a comfortable position sitting or laying down.

To take baths, he lowers himself into a small pool outside of his home.

Because he is unable to walk all the way to school, a teacher has opted to tutor him from home instead. Some of his school friends also visit, although Arya can't play outside with them.

When asked what his wish was in an interview by Barcroft Media, the 10-year-old responded: "To become thin."

Doctors determined that there is no underlying medical cause for his weight gain, so in an attempt to turn his life around, Arya has been put on a strict brown rice and fruit diet.

"The doctor said to reduce his portion size and diet," Somantri said.

Araya now only eats three small plates a day.

Already, the boy said he has started seeing differences.

"Before I could only walk 10 meters," Arya said. "Now, I can walk about 30-40 meters."

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