10-year-old Houston cancer patient sworn-in by dozens of law enforcement agencies

Devarjaye Daniel, a 10-year-old cancer patient, has become an honorary police officer for dozens of law enforcement agencies with the wish of being sworn in by 100

He grew up watching his military father, Theodis Daniel, interact with men and women in uniform. It was in watching them that Devarjaye grew an admiration for those in uniform and decided he wanted a career in law enforcement.

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The young boy, who goes by D.J., was diagnosed with terminal brain and spine cancer a little more than three years ago, but he's still chasing his dreams. And on Wednesday, it was a big day for Devarjaye reaching his goal.

Freeport Police Chief Garivey set up the grand event at Brazoria County Court House. He invited 35 different agencies to swear-in D.J. in one day.

"I’m honored to be here for you, buddy. Keep doing what you're doing," the Freeport chief told D.J.

The little boy with a big personality lit up the room, even going up to each and every officer – and there were many – to greet them. The men got handshakes and the women got hugs.


His father was emotional during Wednesday's ceremony while taking in the moment.

"I didn't know that it was going to turn out like this," Theodis Daniel said. He could have been gone, but the love just keeps him on the go."

Devarjaye reminds many of little Abigail Arias, who captured the hearts of many for her courage and resilience a few years ago. 

Before her passing, Chief Garivey and her built a special bond when he swore her in as an honorary Freeport police officer in 2019.

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"March 2019 him and Abigail were supposed to meet … they never met."

The 7-year-old gained her angel wings in early November 2019.

"Since then, he’s just been on a mission to love enforcement and represent Abigail," Chief Garivey said.

So the chief invited Abigail's family to D.J.'s special event, where a life-size cut out of Abigail made an appearance.

The girls father Ruben Arias was more than supportive. 

"What an honor it is just for me to see what you are doing in the name of my daughter," Arias said. "It is something that I will never forget. And you will always be in my heart and mind. We love you, buddy."

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After the ceremony, Chief Garivey invited the family to the Freeport police station. He gave them a tour of the station and the jail.

He also showed D.J. Abigail’s special dedicated corner.

And then he surprised him with a special badge and stars making him honorary Freeport Assistant Police Chief.

Before Wednesday's event, Devarjaye had been made an honorary officer for 10 agencies throughout southeast Texas, including federal agencies.

He became an honorary DEA Special Agent on Dec. 15, 2021. 

Afterward, agents were inspired to set up a GoFundMe page for Devarjaye and his family.


Little D.J. is now sworn-in by 45 law enforcement agencies! He's nearly halfway to his goal, and he's definitely not stopping until he gets there.

If you'd like to donate to Devarjaye and his family, click here to access his GoFundMe.