Subway workers to get iPhones

The latest MTA measure to ensure riders are kept in the loop is handing out 230 iPhone 6 phones to train conductors and platform controllers around the city. The MTA sill send those phones real-time updates on rail conditions, major delays, and which alternative route might be best.

NYC Transit Acting President Phil Eng said the system will send out information in layman's language instead of technical terms.

The initiative is a chance to provide clearer communication to an increasingly frustrated ridership. That need that has been highlighted recently with ongoing track issues that plague riders every day.

The MTA admitted that these messages won’t stop the delays but it might create a less stressful commute.

As far as stopping the delays, Eng said the MTA is aggressively cleaning and repairing tracks, draining pipes, and addressing power lines.

The phones will be in hand by the end of this week.

The MTA has plans to send those transit updates directly to your smart phone and is looking to install digital billboards in the subway cars that alert riders to problems in real-time.