Stepfather charged in 14-month old's death

The stepfather of a 14-month-old baby girl who was reportedly sexually abused and beaten into a coma has been charged with murder.

Wayne Arthur-Scott Brown, 29, was arrested on Thursday, a week after his step daughter, Laylah Heether, was found unresponsive in her Michigan home while in Brown’s care.

Laylah died on Tuesday from her injuries, according to reports.

According to court documents, Brown initially told police that Laylah was injured after falling off a couch, however, doctors who examined the 14-month-old concluded that ‘trauma is the only thing that could have caused these injuries."

Laylah reportedly had numerous old and new fractures all over her body, including a skull fracture, and was suffering from brain bleeding.

Authorities also said that Laylah had sustained injuries to her genitals suggesting 'probable sexual abuse'.

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Brown was initially arrested shortly after the baby’s hospitalization on a domestic violence charge. He’s accused of assaulting Laylah’s mother, according to reports.

He was released from jail after someone posted $1,000 for his bond on that charge.

Brown was re-arrested on Thursday and charged wirh felony murder and first-degree child abuse charges.