Sex crimes up on NYC subways

With ridership at an all-time high on the New York City subway system, comes news that crime is up, too. The Metropolitan Transportation Safety Board and the NYPD say that crime, particularly sex crimes, are up nearly 20 percent this year.

The year is not yet over and the number of sex crimes-- groping, flashing and voyeurism-- is higher at this point than it was in all of 2014, said officials on Monday.

There has been a 17.8% rise in sex crimes and a 9.2% rise in felony crime. There are 1.4 crimes per day on the subways.

Despite the disappointing statistics, police say there is a greater chance the perpetrator will be caught.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, more riders are snapping photos of perpetrators leading to more reports of crimes and proof of the incidents.