Officials: Cobb County teen impersonated U.S. Marshal

A Cobb County teen is under arrest after police say he knocked on a door of a stranger's house while pretending to be a U.S. Marshall.

Cobb County Police say they got a call early Monday morning from a home on the 1100 block of Poplar Log Place for a suspicious person.

The caller told police that she was showering when a man knocked on her front door. The man, described as wearing a "U.S. Marshal's tactical vest and tan khakis" told the woman's children that he was a U.S. Marshal, then drove away from the home.

A responding officer saw the suspect's Ford Ranger run a stop sign and conducted a traffic stop. At that time, police say the suspect, 17-year-old Samuel Mallard, was wearing a black T-shirt with the Fulton County Sheriff's Office symbol on it.

Police say Mallard told the office he was looking for the home of a friend and gave them a nonexistant address.After a search of his vehicle, police say they found a pellet gun inside a Black Hawk holster, a flashlight, a green laser pointer, and a tan tactical vest that had patches with the words "U.S. Marshals POLICE Fugitive Task Force" on the front and back.

Deputies arrested Mallard and charged him with a stop sign violation and impersonating a police officer.