Off-duty cop accused of assaulting subway conductor

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Panic erupted aboard a J subway train Wednesday morning after an off-duty cop pushed a conductor to the floor of the car during an argument, the NYPD said.

The argument began when the train stopped at Essex St.-Delancey St. station at about 8:55 a.m. and the conductor emerged from her booth and hit the cop with the door, police said.

The conductor suffered minor injuries to her arm, the police said. She got up and pulled the emergency brake, according to the Daily News.

In the confusion, passengers appeared to panic. Video shared on Twitter by a straphanger shows the confusion that broke out. @wbernard: "Something just happened on the J train. Someone yelled run and all hell broke loose."

"Right now we don't know what is going on, but no one here is hurt," a woman is heard saying. "At this moment you are safe."

Another voice is heard saying: "The cops are down at the other train car where the problem is. Everybody stay tight,” the subway rider said. “You can get out at either end, but the cops are down at the end sorting out what the problem is."

Initially, the NYPD asked passengers to stray on the train until they caught the off-duty cop who shoved the conductor.

Police questioned Police Officer Tremel Davis, 33, and later arrested him. He faces an assault charge.