Jessica Jones: A new type of heroine

Jessica Jones is redefining what it means to be a heroine and she's not apologizing for it. “It’s really unlike any kind of superhero that we've seen” actress Carrie Ann Moss said.

Breaking Bad actress Krysten Ritter is a perfect fit to play the retired superhero turned super sleuth, who's haunted by old demons and one man in particular, played by Doctor Who alum David Tennant.
“Rumor has it that it’s more fun to play the bad guy” Tenet said. “Leave your morality in the dressing room."

The other man in Jones life is Luke Cage.  He is another disillusioned hero played by Mike Colter, who's starring in his own standalone series.

“I think Jessica’s rough around the edges and Luke’s a little softer" Colter said.

“They're both lonely isolated people with this gift that they can't really talk about or tell anyone about" Ritter said.

And spoiler alert, these two eventually fall in love.

When asked who would plan the better date night, Ritter said “I would just be like hitting the whiskey."