Dr. Oz 'comfortable' with Trump, Clinton's health

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, released more information about his health and went through it on national television with Dr. Mehmet Oz on "The Dr. Oz Show."

Dr. Oz told Fox 5 Thursday that his interview and Hillary Clinton's release Wednesday should put the issue of the candidates' health in the rearview mirror.

"I think America should feel a lot more comfortable with the health of its candidates today than yesterday," Dr. Oz said.

Here is a summary of Trump's health information as released on the show.

Trump's blood pressure was a good 116 over 70. His total cholesterol was 169; his LDL or "bad" cholesterol was 94, and his HDL or "good" cholesterol was 63.

The letter put Trump's weight at 236 pounds and his height at 6 feet, 3 inches. That would give him a body mass index, or BMI, of 29.5, which falls into the category of overweight for his height.

Trump's blood sugar was normal. He had a normal colonoscopy in 2013 and isn't due for another any time soon.

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