Why so many subway delays?

Many New York City subway riders refer to themselves as "sufferers." They're sick of delays and cancellations and just want to get to work on time. But they may have to learn to live with them because the MTA is years behind on its repair schedule, at least according to one report.

So what is causing most of the subway problems? Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer blamed the subway's antiquated signal system. She said the Independent Budget Office, known as the IBO, has found the MTA is years behind in fixing the signals. Brewer said the MTA hasn't finished fixing about a third of the signals it wanted to repair by 2014 and will be decades before all signals are finally replaced. She said the MTA is also spending less money to fix the signals.

The MTA released a statement saying, in part, "The IBO report fundamentally misunderstands how signalization improvements are made by equating dollars spent into delayed work. We're laser-focused on improving signals and service."