Texas Board of Ed votes to remove Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from social studies curriculum

The Texas Board of Education on Friday voted to remove former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the state’s social studies curriculum.

The move comes as an effort to “streamline” the social studies curriculum in the state, The Dallas Morning News first reported.

The vote, which was preliminary, came after a 15-member, board-nominated volunteer work group created a scale to grade historical figures, determining which were “essential to learn about and who wasn’t,” The Dallas Morning News reported. To determine their choices, the group asked a series of questions about the historical figures' background and legacy.

Clinton scored a 5 on the 20-point scale, while another figure who was also designated for removal, Hellen Keller, earned a 7.

Keller, who was blind and deaf, was known for her political activism, among other accomplishments.

“Eliminating Clinton from the requirements will save teachers 30 minutes of instructional time, the work group estimated, and eliminating Keller will save 40 minutes,” the newspaper reported.

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