Tensions high ahead of for-hire cab cap vote

Tensions are running high for drivers who operate for-hire vehicles and those with medallions in New York City. This Wednesday is a big day for all of them. The City Council will vote on legislation intended to curb the number of ride-hailing services.

Drivers who support the cap made their voices heard outside of Uber and Lyft offices in Long Island City on Monday afternoon. Those in favor of this legislation claim that if it were to pass, it would reduce congestion and make the industry more fair for yellow cab drivers.

Those who oppose the legislation feel it will hurt the economy because potential drivers won't be able to join the for-hire industry.

Also, people who live in the outer boroughs worry they will be left stranded.

Uber, Lyft and Via have announced a proposal to give $100 million to support individual taxi medallion owners, but the City Council turned it down.

The council vote is set to take place Wednesday afternoon. If the legislation passes, Mayor Bill de Blasio has 30 days to either sign it into law or veto it.