Syringes found at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn

Cadman Plaza is home to Brooklyn’s federal courthouse and the Brooklyn War Memorial, but as of late the seemingly picturesque park has also become littered with discarded syringes, according to neighbors. 

“This is an issue around the city. I think a lot of New Yorkers are seeing it, the opioid crisis has hit New York pretty badly,” said City Councilman Stephen Levin, who has allocated thousands of dollars to help fight the problem.

People living near the park say that the syringes are just one of the park’s issues, along with a lack of proper maintenance and are calling on the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to clean up the area.

A spokesperson for the Parks Department told FOX 5 NY: “We do not believe Cadman Plaza park has chronic maintenance or homeless issues, but we will monitor. Needles that are found in parks are removed immediately by our trained staff when found.”

Meanwhile, nearly $12M in capital improvements are slated to begin in the coming months, which will include an accessible ramp and elevator, water fountains, walkways and landscaping.