Surviving an active shooter

When attacks such as the one in Orlando happen the more we realize there is no such thing as wrong place at the wrong time. The truth is the wrong place could be any place. So when your sense of safety is dismantled at the blink of an eye, the question then becomes: what can you do to protect your life?

Security expert Bill Stanton says to make sure panic doesn't take over and know your surroundings going in (like the nearest exits). After that, you have three options: run, hide, fight.

If you can't get to an exit the next step is to pick a place to hide. Look to fortify your position and look for a weapon. And that is where step three comes in: fight back.

Dennis Root of the Florida-based Dennis Root Public Safety Foundation says use things around you: a fire extinguisher, big heavy object such as a chair. Finally, he says if there are people near you strategize a way to throw the attacker off guard.