Some Uber drivers on 'strike' over fares, tips

Some Uber drivers in cities around the country stopped working at 5 p.m. Friday and don't plan to resume picking up fares until Monday as part of a three-day national strike to call for higher fares.

Uber drivers are considered private contractors. It means drivers own or lease the cars and pay for gas, insurance, licenses, and upkeep. Drivers work whatever hours and wherever they want simply by logging into the Uber app.

Drivers are also paid from $15 to $35 an hour plus a percentage of the fare. Uber usually takes about 25 percent from the cost of the ride. A big complaint: customers don't tip because it is included in the cost of the ride.

Uber driver Salaheddine Kaherif told Fox 5 that drivers want an option in the app allowing riders to show their appreciation with a tip. Uber told Fox 5 that the company welcomes all feedback from driver partners.

In some instances, these drivers say they don't get a job because Uber has grown so fast that too many drivers are on the street. Uber said drivers have the chance to have flexible hours and be their own boss.