REVIEW: 'Trainwreck' is hilarious

Comedian Amy Schumer has shot to stardom, by not pulling any punches. So can her take-no-prisoners style work in a Hollywood rom-com?

Hilarious, heartwarming and refreshingly honest, "Trainwreck" also stars "SNL" alum Bill Hader as sports doctor Aaron Conners and Lebron James as his thoughtful best friend.

Schumer wrote this semi-autobiographical story about a young New York professional navigating the modern dating scene. Judd Apatow directed it.

No part of Amy's life is off limits. She calls "Trainwreck" a love letter to her sister Kim, who in real life produces and writes with Amy.

"Trainwreck" does get heavy at times. But the razor-sharp, self-deprecating writing keeps us laughing through all the hook ups and heartache

So here's what you didn't see.

Amy, I brought you this pinot grigio in a box to celebrate your first movie premiere. It is the same wine your character drinks in the movie. Even though you didn't have time to pound it with me on the red carpet, I still love you and I'll keep it at a cool 62 degrees should you reconsider.