Listeners bond over shared interests at monthly podcast clubs

You've likely heard of book clubs but how about podcast clubs?

One such club is so popular it's not only in New York but around the world.

The latest batch of podcasts grabbing Rebecca Seidel and Ben Goldberg's attention is actually about what we do. The pair are part of the Podcast Brunch Club.

"This month's theme is about breaking the news," said Seidel, the leader of the New York Chapter. "It's talking about news cycles these days."

Each month a "Listening List" is posted. Then the club meets at someone's apartment to discuss over a potluck meal.

"There's so many people listening all the time, we don't really get a chance to meet up and talk about it. So it's just a fun way to make new friends," Seidel said.

"At least five to 10 new people are there every time," Goldberg said. "There's always a feeling of being welcomed."

The idea for the Podcast Brunch Club originated in Chicago in 2015. The founder said that's when she really got into listening to podcasts and wanted to further the discussion. So she started the club. Now more than 60 Podcast Brunch Clubs exist all over the world.

"People come in with their own experience of the topic you're talking about," Goldberg said. "People who you would never otherwise interact with."

"It is a chance to connect with people and just talk about something for an hour or two, just face-to-face," Seidel said. "We don't really do that much anymore."

The Podcast Brunch Club is open to whoever wants to take time to listen. Meetings are typically held at the end of each month.