Bowls replacing plates at restaurants

At Poke Bowl in TriBeCa, a steady stream of people trickle in for a meal they have total control of.

"We want something quick, satisfying," said Safi Ali. 

"It’s healthier, it’s not fried," said Julian Matthews. 

"The most efficient way to eat anything quickly and easily is in a bowl," said Jonathan Hausner, the general manager of Poke Bowl. 

Hausner believes the bowl isn’t a trend, but here to stay.

"In the fast, casual environments, people want to grab their food and head back to the office. It’s the most traditional way to transport the food and to consume the food," said Hausner. 

Here at Poke Bowl, you simply go down the line choosing what you want. This is the routine at most other eateries offering bowls. To compare this experience, it’s like going to a sandwich shop. Only instead of putting your toppings on bread, the toppings are in a bowl.

"So, I think it’s cool. We’ve kind of taken the idea of sandwiches and we’ve switched it to bowls," said Kristen Hartke, writer and contributor to The Washington Post. "I think it’s that restaurants have now, especially fast casual restaurants, have gone  to this place of they’re always, the concept now is the bowl concept." 

"As your daily tastes change, you can adjust the flavor. You can go to the same place and have a different meal every time," said Hausner. 

Making the possibilities, endless.