4 exhibits to see at the Museum of Modern Art this spring

While spring officially begins next week, curators at the Museum of Modern Art already jumped into the season with their spring exhibitions.

Explore the art of everyday objects in the exhibition titled "The Value of Good Design." Contemporary products from the 1930s through the 1950s are displayed.

"Some objects really stand the test of time and are still, functional, good looking, and affordable," said Juliet Kinchin, curator of modern design.

More than 60 pieces from poet-painter Joan Miró are being shown in "Birth of the World."

"It is the first time in over four decades that the Museum of Modern Art has pulled all of its Mirós out of storage and put them all together in three gallery spaces here," said Anne Umland, senior curator of painting and sculpture.

A 30-year period is examined through paintings, works on paper, illustrated books, and objects. "Lincoln Kirstein's Modern" exhibit is named after the co-founder of the New York City Ballet.

"What most people don't know is that he played a really important role in the Museum of Modern Art's earliest years and he really shaped American culture in the '30s and '40s," said Jodi Hauptman, senior curator of drawings and prints.

Kirstein himself wasn't an artist, however, the exhibit displays gifts that he was given by a variety of artists whose works he championed.

Present day is explored through the exhibit titled "New Order: Art and Technology in the Twenty-First Century."

"This show looks at works from the museum's collection that engage technology and art in some way," said Michelle Kuo, curator of painting and sculpture. "And really with an emphasis on the physical aspects of technology.

This is done through plastic, plasma, copper, and metals.

"It's an unorthodox look at both high and low tech and how artists have engaged that," Kuo said.

All four exhibits will be on display until June 15 and are included with the price of admission. The museum is open seven days a week.