Bronx teacher wins free cruise while battling cancer

Nicole Conlisk is a teacher at One World Trade Middle School in The Bronx. Back in October, Conlisk was at an assembly at her school on breast cancer awareness. She was inspired to go for a mammogram when she found a lump.

"It was the card we were dealt but we're pushing through," Conlisk said.

In November, at 28 weeks pregnant with twins, Conlisk was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. 

Conlisk, 33, faced a long list of treatments. But instead of getting down and out, Conlisk nominated herself for a Norwegian Cruise giveaway giving 15 teachers the chance to win a free seven-day cruise and the grand prize winner $25,000 for their school.

It turns out, she won.

$100,000 was awarded to her after more sponsors stepped up and donated to her school. Conlisk flew out west to Seattle to claim her prize and continue her fight.

"I will win the fight," Conlisk said. "It's not over yet but I will win in the end."