Will the Peach app catch on?

- The app Peach only arrived in the app store on Friday, so the majority of those discussing, using, and recognizing the messaging service belong to the tech community.

Mashable chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff downloaded Peach on a flight back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"There's cool little interactions that I haven't seen on other networks," Ulanoff said.

Peach gives every user a timeline just like he'd have on Facebook or Twitter, but provides most of the multimedia one might want to post in the app.

"It has these kind of magic... codes almost," Ulanoff said.

Enter "gif," search what feeling you want your gif to communicate, and peach offers a selection of gifs to post. Enter "draw" and you can draw something. "Shout" and you post in bold colored letters. Seventeen other magic words allow 17 other varieties of posts ranging in practicality.

"At this point, obviously, it hasn't built any scale," Ulanoff said. "It's just a brand new thing people are excited about."

But in the crowded neighborhood of messaging services, excitement often fails to translate to popularity.

If we can text, Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope, LinkedIn, Wickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, GroupMe, and Skype do we really need to Peach? Maybe not yet, but we don't decide what's cool -- teenagers do.

"Snapchat is the messaging tool of choice for teenagers right now, but the reality is teenagers will move in a heartbeat to something else," Ulanoff said. "Especially when the adults get on the tool they've been using and they don't want to be on there anymore."

We treat it as a given in our world but mobile instant messaging just hasn't existed very long. And as technology continues to improve new messaging platforms will replace the old or disappear before they can do so. Predicting which will remain is probably a guessing game none of us know enough to win.

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