Travel ban protests continue in New York

- Sunday afternoon's massive demonstration started directly across the Hudson from Ellis Island.

The protesters pointed to the sight of Lady Liberty as a reminder of America's legacy as a safe harbor for all.

The organic reaction to President Trump’s Executive Order effecting refugees, migrants, and green card holders showed fear, anger, and protest.

For all the discussion about identity politics as the root cause for democrats losing the election, it was President Trump whose action unhinged the people - all different and unique in their own right came together for a cause bigger than themselves.

"I'm here to stand with all the people who believe in human values and humanity," said one protestor.

There was a spirit in the air - a shared purpose that could be felt. In terms of numbers, there were people as far as the eye could see. At one point, the mayor tweeted out a figure around 10k.

"What Trump is doing is an attack on the democracy of people. The Democrats and Republicans represent rich. We need to help the working people, we need to change things," said Seth Galinsky.

From Battery Park, protestors marched up Morris Street to the customs office with the intent on making their voices heard and getting the order overturned.

Despite Trump releasing a statement that said this temporary ban was not a target to Muslims, protestors thought otherwise. “No matter how you put it, it’s an attack,” said one protestor.  

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