Dog lick dangers

Rob Ordonez isn't afraid of a little slobber. He proudly showed off video of him and a pal's Rottweiler loving each other up.

"Her name is Stella and I love her to death," Ordonez says.  "I let them lick my face definitely."

Plenty of dog owners say they welcome a wet kiss every now and then

Ken Dashow says, "That's the joy of having a dog, let it sleep on bed, give kisses...if  don't do that, what's the point?"

While dog kisses may give us the warm funnies, can they also give us diseases?

Ordonez says, "You know what they say, dogs tongues are the cleanest things in the world."

Contrary to popular belief doctors say that's NOT the case.  The truth is dogs carry zoonotic bacteria in their mouths that means bacteria that can cause diseases in humans.

Dr. Richard Goldstein, chief medical officer at Animal Medical Center says, "Is it safe for our dogs to lick us on the mouth? I'd say doing it a lot is probaby not the best idea."

It makes sense if you think about where your dog spends his day licking and sniffing, says Doctor Goldstein.

"There are bacteria, there are parasites, pasterlla, ...worms,...can be transferred from a dogs mouth to a child or even an adult," Dr. Goldstein says.

Speaking of children, how close should you let your dog to your? Dr. Goldstein says a little cuddling isn't a problem.

"The biggest problem is going to be through the mouth or babies hands get dirty and baby licks hands," Dr. Goldstein.

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