Trump supporters dating site memberships spike

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Empire Talks Back

  • 'Empire' is going back to 'Lyon' family focus, says Henson

  • Empire B-Sides: "Past is Prologue"

  • 'Empire': Is Jamal dead?

  • Empire B-Sides: "Rise By Sin"

  • Empire B-Sides: "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf"

  • Empire B-Sides: "More Than Kin"

  • Empire B-Sides: "Time Shall Unfold"

Local News

  • Millions take part in Women's March across country

  • NY gov requires insurance companies to cover contraceptives

  • Police: New Jersey man owes more than $56,000 in tolls, fees

  • Demonstrators protest Trump in NY, DC, elsewhere

Big Idea

  • The Big Idea: Parallel universes and other dimensions

  • The Big Idea: Fighting food allergies

  • Futuristic crime scene technology is here now

  • Can you fight a hurricane?