Calmer winds aid California firefighters but hot Labor Day weekend looms

There is some optimism and progress as winds eased on the fire’s western flank while in the northeast, despite gusty ridgetop winds, firefighters with bulldozers and shovels were steadily hacking out fire lines or burning away vegetation to box in the flames before they reached Tahoe.

National forests closed as California wildfires surge

The U.S. Forest Service announced Thursday that beginning on Aug. 22 it will close nine national forests from near Lake Tahoe at the Nevada border on the east all the way west to Six Rivers National Forest, which stretches north to the Oregon border and contains more than 1 million acres of land alone.

'We lost Greenville': Dixie Fire destroys Sierra Nevada town

Hell came to Greenville, an historic Plumas County gold rush era town 80 miles northeast of Paradise. "We lost Greenville tonight," U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, who represents the area, said in an emotional Facebook video. "There’s just no words."