Report: Teen marijuana vaping is on the rise

Vaping remains popular among teenagers across the United States this year, according to an annual report from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

New York City set to ban flavored vape products

Flavored vaping products will soon be outlawed in New York City. Lawmakers voted to ban all e-cigarette and e-liquid flavors except tobacco. The mayor said he will sign the bill or let it take effect immediately.

President Trump hears opposing viewpoints in debate over youth vaping

President Donald Trump on Friday heard opposing viewpoints in the debate over youth vaping but offered no insight into where he would ultimately come down on the issue after promising two months ago that he would ban most flavored e-cigarettes but later backtracking.

Vape shops shut down

Authorities in Nassau County shut down several shops that sell electronic smoking devices because of a host of violations.