Displaced families in Puerto Rico await post-earthquake housing

Seismic activity in Puerto Rico has caused more than 7,960 people to take refuge in government shelters in the island's south, although officials say many of them are simply scared of returning home even if their houses were not damaged in the quakes.

Puerto Rico government overwhelmed in aftermath of earthquake

Puerto Rico's government says it is overwhelmed in the aftermath of a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that killed one person, severely damaged infrastructure in the southwest coast, knocked out power to a million people, and sent thousands seeking shelter.

Deadly quake strikes Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico before dawn on Tuesday, and was followed three hours later by an aftershock measuring 6.0. They are the largest in a series of quakes that have struck the U.S. territory in recent days and caused heavy damage in some areas.

Earthquake jolts Puerto Rico

A 5.7-magnitude quake jolted Puerto Ricans out of their beds Monday morning, the strongest quake yet to hit the U.S. territory that has been shaking for the past week.