Wheelchair ballerinas inspire

Bella and Mia are two little girls from the Westchester County town of Somers who were both diagnosed with cerebral palsy early once life.

"She can't walk but she can do everything else," said Leigh-Ann Carlson, 7-year-old Bella’s mom.

But their disease is not stopping the mini ballerinas from doing what every other little girl does at their age. They want to dance.

Their moms were determined to make them feel like they could dance and after meeting back in 2017, they wanted to give their babies a purpose.

Mia’s mom, Liz Finnagan says, "Inclusion is the greatest gift you can give to a child with disabilities and their families."

Two years ago, Bella, Mia and their moms came to the Penny Lane Dance School in Somers where they met Miss Andi.  She wanted to develop an all-inclusive class for kids with disabilities.

Miss Andi said, "We have the ability to put up to 10 wheelchairs in the classroom and I'd like to see as many kids as possible share on this dance program."

The class is now aptly titled "Bella Mia" and this past weekend, Bella and Mia took the stage in front of a full house to perform at their recital.

A standing ovation from a crowd who wanted Bella and Mia to know they made it as real life ballerinas.