Trump name being scrubbed from Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY (CHASING NEWS) -- A recent visit to Atlantic City showed how things have changed in the past year.

A plaque honoring "great humanitarian" and former Trump Taj Mahal owner Donald Trump, which used to be outside the hotel and casino, was gone.

The disappearance comes as President Trump has been railing against the removal of Confederate statues as an improper erasure of history. But what about Atlantic City's history?

It wasn't hard to find out what happened to the plaque.

"Everything that said Trump had to be destroyed," said Jim, a maintenance worker for more than two decades in Atlantic City.

Trump sued the parent company of the Taj and Trump Tower demanding they take his name off the buildings. It became the job of like Jim and his crew to take it off of everything from the hotel marquee to thousands of hotel room shampoo bottles.

Someone even went so far as to scratch off some Trumps with a knife.

But if Trump is trying to make people forget he was ever in Atlantic City, Levi Fox is trying to make sure people remember.

"The way in which it's been removed, in a lot of incidents, seems to be an historical erasure," Fox said. "I use the expression from ancient Rome "damnatio memori": when a bad emperor would have their name stricken from history books and monuments and try to rewrite the past."

Fox owns Jersey Shore Tours, which leads a Trump heritage tour every Sunday evening. Whether you love Trump or hate him, Fox says, Trump's years here are important hisotry for Atlantic City and for the nation. He wants a Trump museum.

Maybe that would be a good place for the plaque.