NYC's Third Avenue Bridge reopens after getting stuck open due to overheating

The Third Avenue Bridge, which crosses the Harlem River between the Bronx and Manhattan, has responded after it had gotten stuck open due to overheating.

Most of the metal on the 120-year-old structure was swollen from the high temperatures, which reached the 90-degree mark Monday.

Footage from SkyFOX showed the bridge stuck open over the river, with neither end in the correct position, unable to line up with the locking mechanism that allows vehicle traffic to cross.

Crews on boats spent hours spraying water onto the bridge to cool the metal so they could realign it with the road deck.

The NYPD said the bridge had reopened for vehicles in both directions by around 6:40 p.m. Monday evening.

The bridge caused major traffic jams during the evening commute. 

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