Support for cancer patients

From morning till night, 7 days a week, breast cancer survivors are here in Midtown lending an ear and a helpful hand to cancer patients in need.

"I want to make sure that no woman goes through what my grandmother went through," said SHARE executive director, Jackie Reinhard.

Breast cancer survivor Jackie Reinhard tells us she was fortunate to catch her cancer early, but her grandmother, Theresa, wasn't as lucky. In 1969, Theresa died one month after her diagnosis.  So after all these experiences, Jackie felt compelled to join the organization, SHARE, partly because she remembers how she felt as a patient.
"I asked myself 'is this it? Am I going to die?'" said Reinhard.

SHARE is a nonprofit that provides support to women with breast and ovarian cancer. Calls to their hotline are answered by cancer survivors who can relate to what many patients are going through. They answer around 6,000 calls a year.

"That women can be educated, to feel that they can speak out, that they know when they need help, and where they can go for help. And that's what SHARE is all about,' said Reinhard.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, SHARE will offer a number of special programs and support groups. They encourage breast cancer patients, their families and survivors to get involved. For more information, call: 844-ASK-SHARE or visit their website: