Sessions: 'Open border' allowed gangs to grow, strengthen

U.S. Attorney General Jeff is promising to go after gangs. During a meeting with senior officials from major federal law enforcement agencies, Sessions condemned gang violence and specifically called out the violent transnational MS-13 gang.

"These organizations enrich themselves by peddling poison in our communities, trafficking children for sexual exploitation, and inflicting horrific violence in the communities where they operate," Sessions said.

Two of those communities are on Long Island. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini said the murders of four Belporte High School students in a park in Central Islip are likely the work of MS-13.

In March, four suspected members of MS-13 were charged with the murders of Brentwood High School Students Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens.

The Gang Intelligence Center said MS-13's members are rising in the United States. Sessions blamed this increase on former administrations' immigration policies.

"Because of an open border and years of lax immigration enforcement, MS-13 has been sending both recruiters and gang members to regenerate gangs that previously had been in many ways decimated," Sessions said.

The attorney general also took the opportunity to slam sanctuary cities, like New York City.

"Sanctuary cities are aiding these cartels to refill their ranks and putting innocent life -- including the lives of countless law-abiding immigrants -- in danger," Sessions said.

Sessions is a strong advocate of President Donald Trump's immigration and border control policies. His remarks Tuesday also addressed an effort to fight organized crime.