Rally demands Adams restore budget cuts to NYC Parks

A rally was held in Union Square on Tuesday to demand that the Adams administration reverse budget cuts that are expected to hit the city's Parks Department hard.

Advocates say that the cuts, totaling some $55M, need to be restored, meaning fewer workers to maintain the parks and putting the parks at risk.

"And what that will look like is dirtier bathrooms, trash in our city's parks, un-mowed lawns, untrimmed trees, recreation centers that don't have programs," said Adam Ganser, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Parks.

"New York people need a public refuge from their apartments and these spaces are really essential for providing that," said resident Lawrence Bye.

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine maintains there is no reason the Mayor cannot restore the $55 million, saying it represents a miniscule portion of the city's budget.

"We're down to 0.6 percent of the city's budget going to parks," Levine said.

In response, City Hall told FOX 5 NY that some funding has been restored for city parks, but critics say it is not nearly enough to maintain their beauty and safety.