Harlem woman celebrates 110th birthday

The other side of 100 is a milestone the vast majority of people on earth-let alone in the United States will ever see. But Violet Cave of Harlem eclipsed that a decade ago. Surrounded by friends and family, Cave officially became a supercentenarian on Thursday.

Cave was born in the West Indies in 1909 and spent most of her young adult life in Panama working for the U.S. government on the Panama Canal. She then arrived in the U.S. one year after the Civil Rights Act was passed.

She has lived through every major world event in the last century including two world wars, the Holocaust, the roaring 1920s and the Great Depression. Her life, as she tells it, has been rich and fun. She said she has enjoyed friends, went to a lot of parties, and danced.

But to her family, Cave is a symbol of hard work and independence. She is a woman who has lived life on her own terms. Her son Noman, 83, said his mother has done and seen it all.

Cave was really looking forward to this birthday celebration. With a smile on her face, Cave embraced the idea that age is just a number. She is a true source of inspiration for those who care for her daily.

She said her birthday wish was to have a party surrounded by friends and family. Wish granted.