Girl, 7, thriving after flesh-eating bacteria nearly killed her

Like most seven year olds, Mimi Avila loves to shoot hoops, enjoys performing some dance moves and even knows how to ride a bike.

But all of this is a lot more challenging for this soon-to-be second grader.

"I picked her up from school one day and she was complaining that her arm was hurting her," Mimi's mom Vanessa says remembering two years ago when Mimi was diagnosed with a flesh eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis.

Her organs started shutting down and doctors knew they had to do something to save little Mimi's life.

"They tried to save her arm. They did like two surgeries before they had to amputated her arm.Praying praying praying for the best and she pulled through," said mom.

Mimi was 5 years old when she was brought to Blythdale Children's Hospital in Valhalla for years of therapy.

Along with that therapy came an introduction to a new prosthetic arm that Mimi is now a pro at using. In fact, she now can keep it on for hours at a time.

And Mimi's Story even captured the attention of a 9-year-old boy from across the country who sent "A Doll Like Me" as part of his birthday fundraiser all the way from Wisconsin.

A doll named Precious that Mimi knows truly is just like her.

Mimi says "She looks just like me. That's what I like about her."