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Good Day Street Talk: September 24, 2016

Feeding the mind and body! From chess to proper nutrition and exercise, we have Nutritionist Felicia Stoler, weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour, and Family coach and author Laurie Wolk with us today to help raise confident girls in this social media

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  • Audrey has the weather forecast.
  • James Rose reports
  • Controversy over Mayor de Blasio’s trip to the sunshine state.
  • It was a day to remember Karina Vetrano in Briarwood, Queens.
  • The 48th Annual Pride Parade is the culmination of celebrations across the country, and in New York, over the past month.
  • A video is going viral after two Chicago teens were thrown out of a 7-11 for being “suspicious.” The teens say there were thrown out because they "were black."
  • Real-life wonder women- Ilene Wachs, President of the Education Fund of the Women’s Forum of New York and Tamila Pashaee, Education fellow discuss the Women’s Forum and how they help those looking for a second chance and help women earn a college
  • A group of bystanders formed a human chain to rescue a woman from her sinking car Friday afternoon. Kaycee B. Karcher recorded on her phone as her husband, Scott joined several others in the flooded parking lot of a Chick-fil-A.