Young kids can use tech but at what cost?

- Zola and Jennah are 10. Like most children their age, technology comes easily to them. They've been using the internet since they were 5. To adults, it might sound crazy. Kids can use an app but they can't tie their own shoes.

But a new study by internet security company AVG Technologies shows kids around the world are mastering technology quicker than the basics.

In a survey of 2,200 moms with internet access, among kids age 2 to 5, more of them can play a computer game than ride a bike, play with a smartphone app than tie their shoes and open a web browser than swim.

Mom Sarah Anderson has a 3-year-old son who is pretty quick with an iPhone. His friends even know how to download music.

Sohail Kiani tries to keep his daughter's screen time to a minimum, but it is tough.

But is that necessarily a bad thing? The skills we learned as kids like how to ride a bike or how to swim did prove useful, the argument could be made that kids will use technology throughout their entire lives.

Occupational therapist Gail Tishcoff says the problem is that tying a shoe or riding a bike is much more complicated for young children than tapping a screen. That is why she says more kids are coming to her with dexterity problems. She says that young children need time to develop their muscles.

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