What is next for the Trump brand?

- Macy's won't sell Donald Trump's ties and Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos has joked that we should send Trump into space. So now that Trump is president-elect, are those companies changing their tune? And is Trump seeking revenge against the brands that aren't backing his brand?

CBS' 60 Minutes, Ivanka and Donald Trump both shrugged off any concerns about the campaign hurting the Trump brand. Ivanka said the Presidency is so much more important and more serious.

Trump clarified, saying that Ivanka was trying to say "Who cares? Who cares? This is big league stuff. This is our country. Our country is going bad. We're going to save our country. I don't care about hotel occupancy."

But Jack Mohr, chief investment strategist at The Street, says Trump Hotels could take a hit going forward. Mohr doesn't think they will perform that well and thinks it will be difficult for companies to justify having a conference at a Trump hotel, without it being seen as a political statement.

Some companies cut ties with Trump long before the election, including Macy's, which stopped selling his products after his comments about Mexican immigrants. Last week, Macy's told The Street that policy will hold.

Mohr thinks Macy's had no other choice and believes they need to be completely neutral. Mohr also doesn't think sales from the Trump brand were significant enough for Macy's.

But Ivanka Trump's label is another story and Mohr thinks her fashion brand, which Macy's does carry, will do just fine. Mohr says she is balancing a very delicate role and has done a good job maintaining her own brand. He believes Ivanka is very distinct from her father, and that her brand will be more than resilient.

As for companies that have clashed with Trump, like Amazon, and most of Silicon Valley for that matter, even if Trump doesn't directly strike back, they may suffer.

Mohr says Trump is all about American goods and American innovation, but he focuses a lot on manufacturing and industries that have not experienced the same level of innovation that Silicon Valley has. Mohr believes Trump is going to focus on those industries first, and Silicon Valley is going to be an afterthought.

Immediately after the election, Amazon's Bezos congratulated Trump on the win, in what many are considering a move he had no choice but to make.

And Mohr agrees that no business wants to be on the opposite side of Donald Trump right now.


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