Vice President Joe Biden joins Facebook

- Vice President Joe Biden has joined Facebook.

The bio on the public figure reads "Father, grandfather, husband to Dr. Jill Biden, and 47th Vice President of the United States." It is an official White House page.

Biden shared a video in which he talks about World Cancer Day and his responsibility as the president's front man to deal with fighting and beating cancer. The cause is near and dear to the vice president because his son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. (Beau Biden was the attorney general of Delaware.)

"Hi, folks. Welcome to my Facebook page. It's the first time a Vice President has had one of these," reads a message accompanying the video. "I'd like it to be a place where we can talk directly about the issues that matter to both of us."

The Facebook page also displays several photos. Both presidential inaugurations are shown. One photo shows the vice president's signature Ray-Ban sunglasses resting on a desk with a blurred Biden in the background.

As of 4 p.m., more than 15,000 users had "liked" the page.



Hi, folks. Welcome to my Facebook page. It’s the first time a Vice President has had one of these. I’d like it to be a place where we can talk directly about the issues that matter to both of us. Because this does matter. You’re citizens of a very big world -- one made smaller and more accessible by technologies and platforms just like this one. And you’ve got opportunities that no generation before you has had to engage directly with one another about the issues facing this country. Too often, as we also unfortunately see in our politics, that kind of openness and accessibility can dissolve into unproductive mud-slinging. Intolerance. Hate. Snark. Cynicism. Folks, we’ve got to expect more of each other than that. We are better than that. Platforms like this one have the potential to be incredible forums for constructive debate. And we should use them enthusiastically for that purpose. But we shouldn’t tear each other down. Because whether we’re encountering each other here on Facebook, or on the sidewalk in the cities and towns where we live – without our common decency, our respect for one another, we’ve got nothing. So today, on World Cancer Day, I’d like to talk about something that the President tasked me to do in this year’s State of the Union—leading a new, national mission to help end cancer as we know it. Earlier this week, I chaired a meeting of a first-of-its-kind federal task force—made up of leaders from the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Energy, and any agency that has a role to play—to help get it done. As folks around the world join together in the fight against this terrible disease, I want to hear from you. So today, around 3pm ET, I’ll be talking with you about my Cancer Moonshot Initiative. Share your thoughts and ask me your questions, and I’ll be back in a few hours to answer them. Folks, your generation and mine have something in common: You’re facing an inflection point. You’re more connected with one another, and with your government, than any generation before you. The things you share here matter, if you choose to make them matter. And with the words and thoughts you share, you have the ability to bend the course of our history. Even just a little bit. I’m glad to be here. And I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Vice President Biden on Thursday, February 4, 2016


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