Officials: U.S. must get better at cyber warfare

- The latest military battlefield isn't in the air or on land -- it is online. You might have seen a new commercial from the Army that showcases cyber warfare. Countries and groups are increasingly turning to cyber warfare to attack the United States. Intelligence leaders say these groups are only getting stronger and the U.S. needs to as well.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more regular around the globe and the targets can be alarming. As we've heard for weeks, the intelligence community believes Russian-backed hackers released hacked Democratic Party emails.  Alarm bells have rung over attempts to access the power grid.

And the Chinese have hacked corporate secrets, blueprints for gas pipelines, even the designs for the F-35 fighter jet in order to make their own copycat version.

Hackers are not just targeting government and military targets. Cyber hacking will cost companies around the world an estimated $2 trillion by 2019. That is almost four times as much as in 2015.

North Korea famously hacked Sony, causing a canceled movie release and national embarrassment. 

It should be noted that the U.S. does it, too. The Stuxnet virus -- a joint American and Israeli project -- reportedly destroyed about a fifth of Iran's nuclear centrifuges by causing them to spin out of control. And that is just one incident that we know about.

Intelligence leaders warn that America's cyber security is good but not at all good enough.

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