Hoverboards leave people bruised and battered

Celebrities like Mike Tyson have tried it, only to take a tumble. Social media is filled with hoverboard fails, and lots of falls. The popular holiday gift item is leaving many people bruised and battered with no shortage of bumps to the head.

Locally, the Bergen Record reports the emergency room at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey treated 14 patients, all with injuries related to the boards on Christmas Day.

Problems with hoverboards have gotten so bad, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been forced to issue a statement saying: The office has heard from hospitals around the country, injuries including concussions, fractures, lacerations and internal organ injuries.

Some kids are still hoping for a post-holiday present... but moms say, not so fast.

“The safety of it concerns me.. I was worried about them falling off of it actually” one mother told us.

The devices are making headlines for catching fire but in reality, Dr. Robert Glatter, ER Physician with Lennox Hill Hospital, says physical injuries are more far common.

“The reality is, we're seeing a lot of extremity injuries. Predominantly ankle and wrist fractures" Dr. Glatter said.

He says riders should wear protective gear; like they would with a bike or skateboard.

“Most importantly, riders need to wear a helmet. If you're going to get on one of the boards, you have high risk of having a head injury” Dr. Glatter said.

In late 2015, the NYPD banned hoverboards in NYC.  Anyone caught gliding on one could face fines of up to $500 dollars.

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