5 hacks to avoid crying babies on a plane


Ready for a much needed vacation? Make sure you enjoy the journey. When you board a long flight, the last thing you want is to sit next to a crying baby.  

According to a survey by Trip Advisor, about one-third of passengers would willingly pay extra to avoid sitting next to someone else’s bundle of joy

Unfortunately, flights have yet to provide any baby-free options.

But thanks to some useful travel hacks, you can increase your odds of sitting far, far away from a screaming child.

For starters, pick a seat that’s far away from the bulkheads-- that is, the dividing wall which separates classes or sections of a plane. Although the extra leg room may be enticing, those rows are the only places airline staff can safely secure a baby’s bassinet.

Also, you’re never going to find young children seated in emergency exit rows. Most airlines require anyone seated in those rows to be at least 15 years old.

Another good tip is to book flights that may be less convenient for families-- particularly flights during the night. While a redeye flight might make you groggy, parents tend to avoid flights that would disrupt a child’s sleeping patterns.


Last, pick an airline with higher baggage fees. Families tend to travel with more luggage, and therefore want to find the best deal on checking bags. Spirit Airlines has the highest fees. Your first checked bag will cost you $45. Most other major airlines charge $25 for your first checked bag. However, your first checked bag on JetBlue and Southwest is free-- so you might run into more families on those airlines.

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