Do you have an infamous name?

- ESPN sportscaster Robert Lee has the misfortune, in this case, of having a name too similar to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. So the network removed him from covering the University of Virginia football game this weekend in Charlottesville.

So how many Robert Lees could be running into awkward moments because of their name? Well, there are 11,518 Robert Lees, according to the website, which collects Census data. 

Author Laura Wattenberg has been studying names for 15 years. She said every name we hear conjures up an image of a person: perhaps a race, a sex, an age, a culture.

Think about this: there are more than 3,000 Michael Jordans, 20 Donald Trumps, 75 Charles Mansons, and 11 Timothy McVeighs.

Wattenberg said she has heard of family members of notorious public figures, such as Manson and Bernie Madoff, change their last name to get away from that association.

But having a celebrity's name can have its benefits. Just ask Will Smith of Warren County, New Jersey. He told Fox 5 that his name makes things more interesting in a good way. He said when he goes on job interviews, he says, "Hi, my name is 'William Smith' and I go by 'Will Smith' so you remember me next time when you're considering me for this position' and it normally works out."

Then there is this perspective. Wattenberg said the name "Isis" was becoming a popular girl's name until the rise of the terror group. Then it became the fastest falling name in history.

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