Dinner dates not as common with millennials

- Before you get engaged, you've got to date right?  Finding a mate isn't what it used to be -- it seems no one goes out on good old-fashioned dinner dates anymore.

It's always been about dinner on the first date. However for millennials, that's not the case.  A new survey by OkCupid IAC found millennials have killed the dinner date.

"Dinner is a massive commitment for millennials, we don't even go to dinner with our parents, and we live with them. So the idea of a complete stranger and spending and hour or two, that's a major commitment especially when you met them on Tinder," said millennials researcher Jason Dorsey.

“Online dating is to blame why  millennials don't have the time, money, or desire to sit across the table from someone they've never meet before,” he continued.

“Online dating apps have messed up the entire idea or courtship when it comes to dating, instead it's just swipe right swipe left and you don't have to commit and that's the thing is all of a sudden even if you're introverted -- you can get tons of dates, you can meet tons of people,” said Dorsey.

Out of 10,000 messages in a recent OkCupid IAC survey, only 7 messages read getting dinner on the first date was okay.

“A dinner can last a really long time, so it may not be what you want on a first date. If you don't know the person, you may not be locked in for such a long time,” said one New Yorker.

“You can't really get to know someone at a coffee shop or at a bar – it’s loud,” said another.

“Some had to do with money and also social awkwardness. Everyone is behind a computer nowadays,” said a bystander.

Instead of dinner, millennials prefer grabbing coffee or a drink.

"Think about this. You have 80 million millennials who have been raised to stare at a screen rather than look somebody in the eyes, and now I have to sit across from you, I don't even know you, I have to pay for you, and I have to make you laugh. It's extremely awkward,” said Dorsey.

At the end of the day, Dorsey said, “If you want get a date with a millennial, don't talk about dinner.”

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