Breaking your cellphone addiction

If it seems like the whole world is on their cell phone these days you're probably not imagining things. From school, to dinner, even at the movies -- people just can't seem to put them down.

Let's face it, cell phones do a lot. You can google just about anything, take photos, tweet, instagram, check your email, even catch up on the latest news.

If you're feeling too attached you may be addicted.  Psychologists call the problem a "process addiction." And while being addicted to your phone seems funny, Dr. Harris Stratyner says he treats people with cellphone addiction all the time and it's no laughing matter.

But how do you know when you really have a problem? Surprisingly the clues are pretty easy to spot. Stratyner says if you find yourself spending more and more time with your cellphone and less time with people, that is a problem. But in order to change your behavior, you have to admit you have a problem.

Daniel Sieberg's book "The Digital Diet" suggests a four-step process to help you break up with your cell.

STEP 1: RE: THINK how technology has overwhelmed your mental, physical and emotional health.

STEP 2: RE: BOOT. Simply step back away from your device.

STEP 3: RE: CONNECT. Focus on restoring the relationships that were harmed by your addiction.

STEP 4: RE: VITALIZE. Learn how to live with technology the healthy way and optimize your time spent using your cell.

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